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Meeting Planning Services:

Get free tips, advice, and other information to help you successfully plan your next meeting.  Learn about Meeting  Suppliers.  Lynn Westphal Travel has assembled a list of suppliers ready to help you with your meeting

1. Site Selection Services

    The fee for Site Selection Services is often waived.

    Our goal is to research and recommend a site that best suits your meeting's needs and to negotiate a beneficial site  contract.   We offer two Site Selection Services that can work together or independently to fulfill your needs. We recommend selecting both of these services as a way to quickly start your  meeting planning process.

2. Site Selection & Contract Negotiations

What does this service include?

Together we determine your specifications, requirements  and preferences. We will perform a thorough search of available facilities, then present the best alternatives. After reviewing these alternatives with you, we negotiate a contract that benefits your  organization and that best meets your meeting's specifications.

How is this service performed?

We meet with you to develop the meeting criteria, which  includes determining meeting space, sleeping room requirements, and other key decision criteria.

    A request for proposal is developed and distributed for your meeting. In some cases, we may use other methods to  locate appropriate venues.

    Information regarding availability at the appropriate locations is collected, thoroughly reviewed, and organized  for easy comparison.

    During this process, you are consulted to ensure that we narrow the search to the best alternatives.

    All viable facilities are contacted, contracts are requested, and negotiations begin.

    We then discuss with you each facility and their contract, highlighting the pros and cons of the specific terms.

    After your final selection, we finalize negotiations with the selected facility.

    You can then contract with the best facility and set the groundwork for a truly exceptional meeting!

Why should I have Lynn Westphal Travel do this service?

Negotiating a beneficial contract requires time, industry  knowledge, and experience. Whether you're an experienced planner or a first-time planner, you maximize your results by outsourcing this task to Lynn Westphal Travel.

We look out for you, our client. We save your precious  time and allow you to focus on the actual planning of your meeting. And we bring you years of experience, instantly.

How much does this service cost?

Each meeting or conference requires a different search  and negotiation. Many times, our clients elect to allow us to collect a commission paid by the hotel/property based on the sleeping room revenue. This commission will not affect our integrity. We do not  have agreements with hotel chains that sway our recommendations. We provide unbiased and completely objective recommendations. After all, we want happy, successful clients that return to us again and  again!

If you would rather pay for this service directly, we  will gladly prepare a quote based on your meeting's specifications. Our quotes are based on the estimated amount of time to perform the service.

Where can I get more information?

Please contact our office Lynn Westphal Travel call us directly at 1-888-280-7657

3. Site Inspections

What does this service include?

We travel to the meeting site to perform a first hand  inspection of the location with you or for you. If more than one location is under consideration, we will compare and contrast the locations.

How is this service performed?

We travel to the location(s) either with you or on your  behalf. Meet with the property's sales person or team and tour the property. We inspect the meeting space, guest rooms, level of service, property condition, layout, and any other amenities or items that  may influence the success of your meeting.

Why should I have Lynn Westphal Travel do this service?

During the Site Selection and Contract Negotiations  process, a first hand inspection of a site is highly recommended to ensure that the best site is selected for your meeting. Our inspection experience can identify and highlight both positive and negative  aspects that cannot be quantified by reviewing sales literature or meeting contracts. In addition, face to face meetings with facility representatives allow us to develop relationships that can be  beneficial during final contract negotiations.

How much does this service cost?

We charge by the hour to perform site inspections. We  will gladly prepare a quote based on your meeting and how you would like your inspections performed.  If you have elected to allow us to collect a commission paid by the hotel/property based on the  sleeping room revenue, it, in some cases, will cover the cost of the site inspections as well as the site selection and contract negotiations.

Where can I get more information?

Please contact our office - Lynn Westphal Travel.  Call us directly at 1-888-280-7657

4. Brochure Printing

What does this service include?

Printing a brochure requires different techniques, skills  and technology than other meeting materials. Over time, we have found selected printers that have excelled at producing these types of documents. We have formed relationships that provide competitively  priced printing, proven track records, and quality service.

Where can I get more information?

 Please contact our office - Lynn Westphal Travel.  Call us directly at 1-888-280-7657

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